Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Word count...


1,248/1,500 MIN.

I'm doing this, TONIGHT

I got mail!

So today I got home from work to find that I had a letter from someone naming me 'Spannah Roberts'. I opened the letter to find a beer matt which had a cat on the front with a large penis, he is called Harvey. On the back of the postcard is a message from Dan saying Happy Christmas with a perculiar spelling of 'Hanner'.

He also sent a picture of himself (vein so and so) but its a lovely picture of the handsome fellow so its okay, I'll let him off. Along with this came some cress seeds which I'm going to plant tomorrow so that next week I can have egg and cress sandwiches. Lovely.

No really, it was nice to get some post, I need a pen pal

Over & out.

Monday, 10 January 2011

Critical Reflection

Initial ideas for my critical reflection for my PPD lesson.

1.) 1,500 words MINIMUM? 
2.) I need a book I've looked at lately... and actually finished. I want to look at Leo Regan BUT it has to relate back to work that we plan to do THIS year, not in a few years.
3.) To regan I can link Bruce Davidson, other documentary photographers, WeeGee, Lewis Hine and more.
4.) I can't tie it to my work well, I need to think.

You are required to produce a Critical Reflection Essay drawing on the approaches of critical and reflective writing. You MUST address the following points in your essay:

  1. The Artist’s Intention – Give a brief description of the artist and his/her work. Discuss in depth the vision of the artist and give a dominant reading, through research, of the artist’s work in context.

  1. The Critics – Choose at least 2 writers who have written about the artist/practitioner’s work and critically discuss how their views have affected your own.  Cite references to these writers’ views within the essay appropriately using the Harvard Style of Referencing and also provide a reference list at the end of the essay.

  1. Subjective Viewpoint – Give your own view of the work and justify your views and judgements with reasons supported by research where possible. Critically relate the artist’s work to your own work and evaluate what aspects of the work are relevant to you in terms of your vision, your techniques and style, your approach, your aspirations and your overall practice.

  1. Self-assessment and Action Plan – As a result of this close and critical study of the artist and his/her work, make an assessment of what you have learnt and an action plan of how you would apply this learning to your practice in the coming academic year. Be very specific and cite examples where necessary.

Project Brief: Medium


Modernism, I like this. BOOM

Sunday, 9 January 2011


23/12/2010, Laura and Ash's wedding day

I took some photos in the evening, it was pretty fun. I drank lots of mulled wine and red wine and cider and all sorts. I'm suprised I understood how to turn my camera on ha.

I'm yet to edit all of the photographs, I really need to get on with it... Later.


Can I have some please?

I need to unpack, edit the rest of the photographs from the two weddings I went to before Christmas and write my Critical Reflection for PPD on Thursday... A lovely late Christmas 1,500 word minimum task which I completely forgot about over the holiday, bugger.

From writing this short post I have realised I have lost the ability to spell over Christmas as the little red line that tells you your wrong has popped up many times. Pfft.

Heres some snaps I took over Christmas, nothing fun. I did my re-shoots, minus one due to Worthing having wonderful weather all the time in the form of RAIN. I hate rain.

Here is me waving. Hi

Heres my dog, in a Harley Davison jacket on Boxing day, don't ask.

Here's a bunch of crazy people running down the beach to go in the sea on Boxing day for Charity. Hello Dad, what a lovely mankini you have on there

Snap from green laning in Surrey, it was a Tuesday

Amy in Betsy, green laning on the Salisbury plane, it was a Thursday

Morris the 101 chillin' in the mud

This Range Rover was cool, the V8 didn't like water much, well at all haha


Dave enjoyed driving through the puddles

End of the day

But we stopped in a deep puddle after, just for shits and giggles obviously

Dan posing after the re-shoot he assisted me with.

I love my nifty fifty

Alcohol collection, STANDARD.

Hello sister.

Gimme 5 minutes and I'll post more.